Terms and conditions

1. MLAapp (My Local Area App), developed and owned by Adroit Business Systems (hereafter referred as ‘MLAapp’), provides information relevant to autos and taxis through internet medium.

2. Information displayed on MLAapp is as provided by participating auto/taxi driver and MLAapp does not take any responsibility for any incorrect or misleading information.

3. MLAapp allows customer to call auto drivers through the app to negotiate the fare for the ride. It is entirely between the driver and the customer to negotiate the fare and MLAapp does not have any part in the fare negotiated or settled.

4. Customer phone number is shown to auto driver when calls are made by them. Customer consent to show their phone number to driver by using MLAapp.

5. MLAapp does not have any control on usage of customer phone number by auto /taxi driver. Customer should only use MLAapp if they are willing to show their phone numbers to driver.

6. Auto/taxi driver phone number displayed as a result of using MLAapp shall not be stored by customer without the consent of driver.

7. Any communication between customer and driver by any means for the purpose other than travel requirements is at the risk of customer and auto/taxi driver. MLAapp is not responsible for any consequence arising out of it.

8. Customer agrees that Auto Driver has the right to accept or reject their service for any reason. Once accepted, customer is expected to honour the rate negotiated.

9. MLAapp is not responsible for any misbehaviour / misconduct of auto/taxi driver any such behaviour shall be reported to local law enforcing authority.

10. MLAapp is not responsible to ensure the qualification (driver licence) and fitness (FC, Insurance certicate) of both driver and vehicle. It is the responsibility of relevant government authority.

11. MLAapp is not responsible for the safety and security of customer and driver. Customer must ensure the safety of themselves and their belongings while using autos and taxies.

12. In an event of an accident or any mishap, it is the responsibility of auto/taxi driver and concerned government officials to deal with consequences. MLAapp shall not hold any responsibility for the event or for any subsequent process.

13. MLAapp is intended to provide best service to both customer and driver, however, due to any reasons, if our service fails or provide incorrect information, MLAapp is absolved from any legal binding whatsoever.

14. MLAapp shall not interfere and / or shall not be held responsibility and shall be completely absolved for any dispute in any form, over any issue arising between the customer and the auto/taxi driver.

15. Customer agrees to check on their own and abide the latest Terms and Conditions published by MLAapp.