Vehicle Tracking Systems

24/7 Real time Tracking & Safety

MLAapp is a revolutionary vehicle tracking system to manage school / collage transport with easy while providing feature rich management information.

Built on latest technology, our secure online portal allows management to track individual vehicle and manage it efficiently. Our mobile app allows parents to see where their kids school / collage bus is at any time..

24/7 Real time Tracking & Safety
  • Live tracking with greater accuracy
  • Track using mobile apps
  • Complete travel history
  • Manage fuel consumption
  • Geo-fence and Live alerts
  • Various reports both online and by email
  • Lowest price in the market


Using our secure online portal, manage your entire fleet down to an individual vehicle. See where your entire vehicles are in google maps in real time.


Allow parents and college students to track your bus in real time. This means there is no more waiting at bus stops, no more missed buses and no more worries when they are late in the evening.

Fuel Management

Our portal will show fuel consumption for each individual vehicle. Fuel consumption for any particular month or week or any individual day can be taken for all vehicles or just one.

Travel History

Displays travel history of each vehicle in the past. Travel route along with speed and time are displayed for any date in the past.


Wakeup to our early morning email detailing travel distance, fuel consumption and speed for each bus. Detailed drilled down reports are available in our online portal.

Routes, stops and notifications

If needed, create travel routes along with stops and assign them to individual vehicle. Our system will track the routes and record time when the stops are reached. Notification messages are sent to parents and college students before the vehicle reaches the stop.